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There Goes the Neighborhood
There Goes the Neighborhood
Atomic cloud during Baker Day blast at Bikini Atoll, 25 July 1946

Operation Crossroads: Atomic cloud during Baker Day blast at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific. Here, the atomic cloud lofts over the target fleet. Sweeping out in all directions is a haze of water, steam, spray and radioactive substances obscuring the sky over all but the outer fringes of the target fleet a few minutes after the blast of 25 July 1946.

Many of the ships that were at this test had to be scuttled because of radioactive contamination. Bikini Atoll is still being cleaned up today at great expense. Ironically, the bikini swimsuit was introduced at a Paris fashion show just 3 days later.

Photo: US Department of Defense
Department of the Navy - Naval Photographic Center
National Archives and Records Administration
College Park, Maryland
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