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Other Industrial Political Philosophies

Capitalism, Communism, Socialism and Constitutional Monarchies are not the only social systems that manifested themselves during the early part of the Industrial Revolution. During this period, many "isms" were tried - and many more "isms" were theorized than have ever been instituted. Some of the untested systems include Nihilism and Anarchism.

As a part of the militaristic focus of the Axis powers that was succeeding in economic recovery, the governments began to manage industrial production and product design by the mid-1930s. As the militarism increased the government control of production increased until the military-political machines were in total control of all economic output.

Although the main objective of the military control of manufacturing was to produce arms, consumer items were also produced in limited quantities. In order to use resources frugally, most of the consumer products that were available were special new designs.