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Radar in and of itself was developed for military purposes and now finds uses in many communication applications. It is also used for cooking, in the form of the microwave oven. During World War II, Fort Monmouth Army engineers in Africa first used microwave for communications purposes. Since that time, the equipment has become far more sophisticated and is now used by all common carriers of electronic communications. It is also used for cellular telephone communication.

CGA Radar on the Landing Field in Etain, France, 1945.

CGA Radar on the Landing Field in Etain, France, Spring, 1945.
Photo: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Research Laboratory of Electronics.
Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, Kenneth Thompkins Bainbridge.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology entered a contract with the Office of Scientific Research and Development in 1941 to establish a laboratory to work on the rapid development of microwave radar for the war effort. Projects included research on physical electronics, microwave physics, electromagnetic properties of matter, and microwave communication principles, the goal being production of radar equipment to be used on land, at sea, and in the air.
National Archives and Records Administration.
National Archives at Boston. Waltham, Massachusetts.