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Atomic Bombs

Atomic bombs, or fission explosions occur when a fissionable material is manipulated so that a neutron is bombarded into the nucleus of a fissionable material and the nucleus then splits into two new nuclei. A great amount of thermal energy and gamma rays are given off and there are at least two additional neutrons produced as well. These new neutrons are likely to strike another nucleus and the process repeats in a chain reaction where nearly all of the fissionable material is consumed, provided that there is sufficient mass of fissionable material to create a sustainable reaction.

Trinity, the First Atomic Bomb Test Alamogordo Bombing Range, New Mexico Mountain War Time 05:29 16 July 1945.

Trinity, the First Atomic Bomb Test.
Alamogordo Bombing Range, New Mexico.
Mountain War Time 05:29 16 July 1945.
33 40' 31'' N - 106 28' 29'' W.
Photo: Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Los Alamos, New Mexico.